Healthy Diet to Improve Brain Power

diet to improve brain power
Food Plays a major role in boosting brain power. It improves your health and makes you energetic. If your are unhealthy then your brain is not function as much you need. There is a big link between your brain and health. So concentrate on diet is very important to keep you strong and healthy. I want to show healthy diet to improve your brain power.

Top 10 Diet to Improve Brain Power

  1. Eat only when you hungry. Restrict high amount of sugar and salt in your daily menu.
  2. Make fruits and vegetables the major part of your diet.
  3. Walnut and almonds are good to boost your brain power.
  4. Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils and restrict processed foods.
  5. Eat your protein first before you touch carbohydrates. Soy products are low in fat and high in amino acids which is good for diet.
  6. Fish is definitely a brain food at the top of the list. So add fish twice a week.
  7. When your blood sugar is low, your brain functions poorly. So keep it in your mind your brains only fuel is glucose.
  8. General foods for brain power improving diet are apples, oranges, ginger, chicken, garlic, cow's milk and fish.
  9. Ayurvedic brain foods such as ghee, honey, oats, oat flour strengthen the brain and improve the functioning of nervous system.
  10. Eat dried beans and peanuts are highly recommended to improve brain power.

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These are the food diet to improve brain power. This tips are really helpful to you don't forget to comment.

What is Diabetes

Diabetics is one of the chronic disease which can lack our health,activity and powerful life.Now it is seen in many people, it has become common diseases caused by physical disorders of body.

The Causes for Diabetes
To live a healthy life we need three kinds of energy.There are
Diabetes unstablises the balance of these energies and health gets disturbed.

Pancreas Gland
Pancreas Gland is in the upper part of abdomen behind stomach, It secretes gastric juices.For Digestive purpose it has Digestive enzymes.There is another part other than this in pancreas.It plays an important role in the cause of Diabetes.It is"islets of Langer hans". Insulin gland secretes from it.It is a outer gland.It gets mixed directly to blood.It doesn't have seperate gland.

With the help of Insulin, glucose, sugar energy is deposited in liver and muscle tissues.It is supplied to blood according to the need.When pancreas doesn't secretes the wanted insulin diabetes is caused.

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How to Increase Memory

This Article aims to offer you a variety of Techniques to Increase Memory Power and Increase Concentration.

Brain Power can be improved through a variety of Techniques at any age.Memory power is not a fixed entity.Believe that you can Increase Memory Power.How your Brain ages is directly related to the way you view your life.If you are happy and view life Positively, your memory will be young and healthy.

To develop a positive attitude one should practise the technique of Affirmation.By Affirmation we mean the repetition of certain Positive statements to ourselves.One who wants to Increase Memory Power may repeat the following statements.
1 My Memory Power is improving day by day.
2 Learning and remembering are easy for me.
3 My Mind works effectively and efficiently.
4 My memory is powerful and my mind is alert.

You can create your own statement and repeat it often.The statement that you repeat will be submerged in your subconscious mind and programme you to use your memory to the fullest extent.

The brain functions most effectively when calm.When negative emotions like anger, irritation, animosity, hatred,etc are present the blood flows to the entire body at a heightened level.For concentrated thought the blood flow should be focused more to the area of the brain.Therefore negative emotions obstruct powerful concentration.

Concentration alone could double increase your memory power. You can't do two things at once not well.When you split your attention,you cut your potential memory power in half.Only if you have a healthy brain you concentrate well otherwise not possible. Concentration is a result of will power. When you make an effort to concentrate your brain is stimulated.

What is Meditation

Meditation is a practise in which an individual can control the mind and body together and achieve their goals very easily.Meditation refers to variety of practices like (dancing,sports) which make our self very relax and build up our internal energy.

Why Should We Do Meditation
Worries caused by family as well as by other external factors disturb us and always keep the body,mind and intellect under problem.Hence our life changes to many struggles like depression,stressful background,fear of secured future,fear of competition,the health of the body,Worries etc.
Hence to shed off the thoughts that lead to worries and burdens of our mind,we should spend atleast a little time in solitude of the tranquility of mind.

How to Practise Meditation
At the beginning stage,we could not concentrate the mind; many thoughts that arise while meditating.Sometimes we may have to struggle to proceed meditation and it may come to a halt.Let us learn how to stop such stray thoughts and practise meditation without disturbances.
There are different stages in the meditation.
Benefits of Meditation
1 Tension is taken away from Nerves and Muscles.
2 It increase our Creativity Power.
3 Relaxation.
4 It boost up our Energy Level.
5 It maintains our Mental Clarity.
6 It Keeps our Peacefulness.
7 Greater Self Awareness.

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Viparithakarani And Asthma

Viparithakarani Yoga Pose

Viparithakarani Yoga Pose
"VIPARITHA" in Sanskrit means upside down."KARNI" means action as we upside down in this asana towards gravitational force our organs get strengthened.As mudra exercise itself is used as asana,it is highly beneficial.


  1. On a carpet place 3 cotton pillows one above the other.Without sitting in the center of the pillows sit on the front.
  2. Slowly bend backwards thrust the hands on the floor then lower the body.Only the head should be on the floor.
  3. Join the legs together and raise upward.At the same time adjust your head on the floor,place the shoulder on the floor.
  4. Keep the legs to an angle of 90 degree to floor,the whole body weight should be on shoulder and neck,place the hands relaxed next to pillows.
  5. In normal breath,remain upto 100.Then lower down the legs on the floor,take some rest.Again raise the legs and remain up to 100 counts like that 15 rounds that means 1500 counts that is 15 minutes,it can be practiced.
  6. Thrusting the toes,raise the heels again raise the back,then remove the pillows one by one in side wards.
  7. Now briskly lower down the back on the floor,stretch the legs and practice savasana.

Benefits of Practicing Viparithakarani

  1. As more blood flows to thyroid gland,enough thyroxin gets secreted and mixes with blood.
  2. Because of gravitational force "Pitutarin" done by penal and pitutory glands in head are done by this asana.
  3. In the midst of spinal cord,there is chemical.It gets activated.Hence the nerves such as sympathetic nerves and vegous nerves ending in medulla work effectively.
  4. As there is a pressure on stomach in inverted position adrenal glands secrete more harmones and mix in blood.Hence adrenalin medicine work takes place naturally.
  5. Heart in oxygen increases and widens the windpipe in lungs.Heart gets more blood.Therefore more impure blood gets purified.
  6. Cure giddiness and headache.Lumbago, neck pain and other vertebral disorders gets corrected.
  7. Prolapse of the uterus gets adjusted to its original position.It has all the benefits of sirsasana and sarvangasana.
  8. Digestive system gets tower of strength there by indigestion gets relieved.
  9. Swelling in leg and elephantiasis are cured.Nervous system,brain and five senses functions get elevated.
  10. Wounds,Pimples,Wrinkles in face,greying of hair,eczoma and dental can be prevented by practising this asana.
  11. If this asana is practiced with other asanas,pranayama and kriya asthma,cough,cold,T.B,sinus,high blood pressure and diabetes are cured.

Useful Hints

  1. After three months of practise legs can be kept raised upto 15 minutes at a stretch without a break.Practicing this asana next day after intercourse will eliminate tiredness.
  2. During day time practice not more than 200 counts.If more than 200 counts is practised in daytime one may feel sleepy.
  3. Before supper,in empty stomach practise it for 15 minutes and take the supper after 20 minutes with the glass of warm water.One may get sound sleep.
  4. Do not practise using your hands in supporting the waist.Because by doing so,you may get back pain.In yogic scripture said this asana turns a old man into young man.
  5. Those who do not have time to spare to yogic practices those who suffer from lumbar pain,neck pain,diabetes,asthma,headache and high blood pressure.
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What is Yoga

Yoga Originates from Sanskrit "YUJ"."YUJ" means bind or to join or to merge.Yoga + Asana means Yogasana.Asana means posture.

We generally say "Let us sit and discuss".Sitting comforts us mentally and helps to think vividly.
2 Asanas which accelerate the inner and outer organs of the body to function properly, propelling strength, repelling disease and tranquilizing the mind with clear thought is called Yogasana.
Body suffers of any disease then these exercises control our physical ailment as well as mental illusions.

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Savasana Yoga

It is also called as SHANTHI asana.This asana is vital of all Asanas.When it is practised regularly and properly high blood pressure can be brought to normalcy easily.the whole body not only gets relaxed but also towers you in high spirit.

1 Sit on a carpet with legs stretched.
Gently bring your back to the floor.
Face should be kept looking at the sky.Spread your hands and  your legs (2 feet apart).
Breath deeply inhaling and exhaling 5 times.While inhaling,your stomach should like a balloon and stomach should contract flatly when exhalin.

Useful Hints
Palm should be kept relaxed facing sky.
All parts of the body go to rest.Any sort of strain of stiffness should be avoided.
Breathe rhythmically.Eyes and mouth should be kept closed.Spinal cord should be placed firmly on the carpet.

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